Greater At Sixty

February 1, 2016


Peter Smyth

We are continuing in the tradition of our founder, Peter Bordes, who began our company with a single radio station in Southbridge, Massachusetts in 1956.  Along with his business partner, Peter worked tirelessly to build on that foundation, launching or acquiring radio stations, cable television systems, publishing operations and telecommunications properties.  His driving vision was to build a privately-held media company that did good business while serving the audience and the community.

By all measures, he succeeded.  When Peter passed away in 1999, he left a focused, entrepreneurially- oriented company to the care of his brother, John Bordes.  It was the result of constantly looking to the consumer for insights and new innovations that could be crafted into a business.  I had the honor to know and work with both men, and the Bordes work ethic and strategic decision-making was a source of inspiration.  But their ability to identify and hire great people and allow them to do their jobs was a lesson I will take with me always.

In my opinion, that is the secret to Greater Media’s success:  a singular vision that is implemented and improved upon by employees who are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility and contribute to the mission. At Greater Media, we trust the people at our locations to be intelligent and accountable for their actions, and they are. We encourage a healthy debate that draws out the best solutions to common problems, as well as a respect for the cultural differences in our various locations around the country.

Personally, I have been with Greater Media for the majority of my professional career and have called it my business home for the past 30 years.  I am excited and energized by coming to work each day and interacting with such a remarkable group of people.

Sixty years ago, Peter Bordes set ambitious goals, hired great people, gave them the tools to succeed, and let them do their job.

I’ve always kept that in mind and I hope I’ve followed his principles. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our employees (past and present) for helping to make Greater Media greater over the past 60 years!