The Power of Beauty and Sound

February 5, 2016


By:  Buzz Knight
        Vice President of Program Development


Sound comes in limitless forms.

It can start with a hum.

It can consist mostly of drums.

In whatever form it comes, it can help set a mood.

It can improve a bad day.

The power and beauty of sound is a tremendous strength for the business of radio.

Think of how frequently it comes into play on great radio brands and how we take it for granted.

The tremendous diversity of music genres, styles and eras that entertains and provides companionship to millions.

The emotional lift that it provides, which keeps people coming back for more.

The excitement of hearing something fresh and new gets added to our memory bank and eventually that favorite hook becomes embedded in our own individual core fabric forever.

The power and beauty of sound have long endured with regard to commercials and the ability of writing, words, vocal quality, music and production values as the primary driver to building so many product brands.

We can go back to the 2007 Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab project, which highlights that “radio ads have emotional impact on consumers that is equal to that of television ads,” as a benchmark study that illustrates the positive emotions that great radio ad campaigns bring and grow brand equity.

We have so many examples that have spanned our lifetimes, and to this day, we continue to build a legacy in creative content for clients.

Just like all of the beautiful attributes that sound brings, we must never take for granted its importance by lowering our standards for creative commercial content.

The art of the story teller is an intimate part of the beauty and power of sound.

It’s what keeps us entertained on those long commutes at all times of the day and night and becomes part of our life.

The battleground for our industry is vast but none more important than the battle for the in-car dash.

The depth of talent that we have witnessed within radio from storytellers spans our field: from comedy to personality, to news reporter, to sports color and play by play.

All of these talented broadcasters are a special breed committed to their craft.

These individuals all have a unique knack to communicate, touch and endear our nation.

Greater Media is honored to celebrate the power and beauty of sound every day!