Thoughts on Problem Solving

December 13, 2015

buzz 5 x 7By Buzz Knight - Vice President of Program Development, Greater Media, Inc.


It’s worth analyzing how your organization solves problems to shore up your solution process.

As innovation consultant and author Jeffrey Phillips has said: “When asked how he would spend his time if he were given an hour to solve a thorny problem, Einstein said he’d spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and five minutes solving it.”

If you get to the core of that statement and you think of how most of us have been conditioned, we’re often more comfortable putting out daily or hourly fires, working off our to-do list and robotically chained to our email and our computer.

Yet when you reflect on your most successful problem-solving examples, isn’t it a more thoughtful and deliberate process that yields the most success?

We are so conditioned in our personal race to efficiency that we forget about a contemplative method of problem solving.

There are a few words we shouldn’t be afraid to bring back to regular usage in day-to-day problem-solving vocabulary.

Remember the word ponder?

How about hunch?

Let’s challenge ourselves to be better-than-average problem solvers!