Sande Raines – Greater Media Detroit

December 7, 2015

Sande - Greater Media Detroit

Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Since her arrival at Greater Media Detroit more than a year ago, Traffic Assistant Sande Raines has been throwing out roots each day with her kindness and in turn has made everyone a little better.

Sande joined Greater Media Detroit as already a veteran of the radio industry. After attending Wayne State University and Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Sande landed her first radio job at WJR-AM. During her time at WJR-AM she became a “Jackie of all trades,” giving her the chance to learn everything from running a mailroom to making sure client invoices were processed and sent out correctly. She was the go-to person, a fast learner who could get the job done well.

One of the most important lessons she learned is to “be kind to everyone you meet.” By putting this into practice every day, Sande has made many great connections throughout the years. It was through those professional friendships that she learned of an opening at Greater Media Detroit.

Only one week after Sande was hired as a part-time Traffic Assistant in early 2014, she added additional duties that included helping the business office. Today Sande splits her time between managing WCSX-FM traffic and working with the team in the business office.

To say her plate is full is an understatement, but you’d be hard pressed to find Sande not smiling and ready to take on any challenge. She truly is one of the most positive, solution-focused members of our team in Detroit.

When asked why she chose radio as a career, her face broke into a big smile, and she shared that she got the “radio bug” while in high school. After participating as a panelist on a teen-focused show on WGPR-FM in Detroit for a year, she was hooked.

Other very important parts of Sande’s life are her family and work with the Principles of Faith Missionary Baptist Church. When she speaks of her volunteer efforts, Sande’s face lights up and you learn that her devotion to helping others is at the core of who she is. She offers her service to help the church’s programs aimed at children and seniors. This includes working to assure that senior members enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, assisting the youth usher program and distributing foods to members in need.

Sande’s family plays a big part in her life. She is very close to her sister, Sherrye, and is a caregiving and loving daughter for her mother, Shirley.

When not working at Greater Media Detroit, volunteering at her church or helping her family, Sande also works part time at the Detroit News. For the past 19 years she’s been a part of the production team and does everything from drive a hi-low to run press tables and hoppers all while exuding an amazingly positive attitude.

Sande always finds the positive in every situation. She looks at problems as opportunities to learn and illustrates how the power of positivity can work wonders.

To paraphrase Amelia Earhart again: Sande Raines’ daily acts of kindness have thrown out roots that have created new trees to help make Greater Media Detroit a happier place.

We salute Sande Raines and all she does to make Greater Media Detroit great.