WBT & 107.9 The Link Collect 200,000 Bottles Of Water For Flood Victims

October 9, 2015


News Talk 1110, WBT and 107.9 The Link have received over 200,000 bottles of water to help the people of South Carolina who are suffering in the aftermath of last weeks catastrophic flooding.

A bottled water drive was setup at Stonecrest Shopping Center yesterday from 10am – 7pm. Two Men and a Truck donated moving trucks to help deliver the water to Columbia, South Carolina. Due to the over whelming support, Harris Teeter also donated trucks to help with delivery which is scheduled to arrive on October 8th around 10:30 am.

Water will be delivered to the Progressive Believers Baptist Church in Columbia, The American Red Cross, the Red Hill Baptist Church along with other locations in need of bottled water, including schools and shelters.

Bo Thompson from Charlotte’s Morning News on WBT Radio, 5am – 9am and Sheri Lynch from the Bob & Sheri Show on 107.9 The Link will be part of the caravan tomorrow to unload and distribute water to citizens of South Carolina.