Greg Monaghan Celebrates 15 Years at Greater Media Philadelphia

September 12, 2015

greg and guitar

By Jennifer Amato


Greg Monaghan, Greater Media Philadelphia Art Director, celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the company on March 14.

He is regarded as sincere, generous, kind, talented, and one of the hardest-working people you will ever meet.  You will never see him without a smile.  Part of the reason why is that he barely considers his job as work.

His graphic designs are just an extension of his creative mind. Asked when he looks back on his tenure, what does he find the most enjoyable? Without hesitation, he responded, “The people—it’s a family.”

WMGK-FM Promotion Director Dan Fein describes Greg as an indispensable staff member: “No matter what the request, Greg will figure out a way to make your vision into a reality, and he’ll do it with a nonstop smile on his face.”

One of Greg’s favorite creations is a giant 12-foot, three-dimensional wooden guitar for the MGK Big Bad Bonfire. Greg joked, “I got to see my work go up in flames, literally, and that was a success.”

When asked about Greg, Steve Morrison of WMMR-FM’s Preston and Steve show said, “The simple fact is every radio station should have a Greg Monaghan, but they don’t, and we do!

How diverse are Greg’s talents? Greg designed a ‘We Support the Philadelphia Police’ graphic that is still displayed in countless windows throughout the city and then built a stadium for our version of the Puppy Bowl, called the Possum Bowl. Now that’s range.

Greg is known as ‘Grinning Greg,’ and the simple fact is that he IS always grinning because he knows he can get the job done.”Greg describes his time at Greater Media by saying that even if he won the lottery, he would still be doing this job.

Said Greg, “It’s not a boring job. I get to come to work, love what I do, and get paid for it!” Congratulations, Greg, on 15 great years!