Marketing Study Identifies Greater Media Newspapers Readers as Smart, Savvy Consumers

August 31, 2015


By: Donna Kenyon/Executive Editor – Greater Media Newspapers


There’s good news in the results of a marketing study commissioned by Greater Media Newspapers: The more we know about our customers, the better we can give them what they want.

The information is valuable in all facets of producing the weekly publications, from Advertising to Editorial, Production and Circulation.  “The survey results clearly demonstrate that our readers continue to rely heavily on our newspapers for both their local community news and shopping,” said Greater Media Newspapers Publisher and General Manager Ben Cannizzaro.

The survey showed that readers of the 10 print community newspapers generally are college-educated consumers living in single-family homes, most of whom keep their newspaper until the next one is delivered the following week.

These readers say the weekly copy of a Greater Media newspaper is read by more than one adult in their household, up to four family members in some households.

Readers say their community newspapers are their primary source for local information about sales, or specific products or services.

The marketing study, chock full of data useful for selling, marketing and gearing stories toward the core demographic, showed that six in 10 adults in the market have read a Greater Media Newspapers product within the previous 30 days.

Greater Media Newspapers Director of Sales and Circulation Rich Klypka said, “Today’s marketplace is ultra competitive for the advertising dollar. Advertisers continually evaluate their choices among all media, direct mail, cable and digital products. They demand not only results, but immediate results from the strategic spending choices they make.”

“The results of the market survey give Greater Media Newspapers a powerful and positive message to bring to current as well as potential clients. In order to get the most reach and value for their message, they need to be in Greater Media Newspapers. Most encouraging is the high readership and ad usage among 25- to 34- year-olds. The survey clearly sends home the message to advertisers that ‘Our readers are your customers,’” Klypka said.

Nearly three out of four readers say they read preprint advertisements every time they are included in our newspapers.

The majority of our readers fall into the categories of ages 25 to 34 and over 65 years old, with the 35 to 44 age group coming in third in readership of both print products and online versions.

Nearly a half million adults in the market have visited Greater Media products in print or online in the previous 30 days. No other publication in our market even comes close to that.

The survey on which the marketing study was based was conducted during a one-month period from late January to late February 2015.

The study was crafted by Customers by Design, headed by Ed Efchak.  Customers by Design provides customer-driven information solutions designed to improve marketing and to grow business.