Greater Media New Jersey’s Dan Finn Inducted into New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame

August 31, 2015

Dan Finn Headshot

By Mark Rosman


Dan Finn, Senior Vice President/Regional General Manager of Greater Media New Jersey, recently celebrated his 30th anniversary in commercial radio.  With a long and successful career to his name, Finn was honored with induction into the New Jersey Broadcasters Association’s Hall of Fame in June at the NJBA’s annual convention. Finn is currently the first vice chairman of the NJBA, which coordinates the Hall of Fame.

The NJBA is the trade association for the radio and television industry in New Jersey. The association plays an important role in New Jersey as it protects and serves the interests of local broadcasters and lobbies in Trenton and in Washington, D.C., on issues of interest to the industry, Finn said in an interview.

In his position with Greater Media, Finn oversees the operation of the company’s radio stations in the Garden State: WDHA-FM (Rock), WMTR-AM (Classic Oldies), WMGQ-FM (Adult Contemporary), WCTC-AM (News Talk), WRAT-FM (Active Rock) and WJRZ-FM (Classic Hits).  In New Jersey, the company adheres to a strategy in which the stations’ signals complement one another.

Finn says, “We have clusters of two stations in three distinct regions. Our formats are different so we do not compete against ourselves. Greater Media has a synergy other groups cannot offer.”In looking to the future for Greater Media’s radio stations in New Jersey, Finn says, “We are going to continue to build and grow our interactive department, pursuing digital technology that includes websites, streaming, podcasts and retargeting (directed advertising). Radio, however, will continue to be our core business.”

Radio executives in New Jersey are currently dealing with several issues, of which the biggest one, in Finn’s opinion, is performance taxes.  “Performance taxes involve an additional payment to foreign-owned music companies for the airplay of current music.  We, as an industry, are continuing our lobbying efforts on the local and federal levels against those taxes,” he said. “The NJBA opposes any new fees, taxes or royalties for music played on local radio stations.”

Other issues the NJBA is focusing on are radio-enabled mobile phones, unnecessary advertising restrictions and the Emergency Alert System/Amber Alert system.

Finn summarized those issues as follows:

• Radio-enabled mobile phones: For less than $1, manufacturers can include a receiver for broadcast radio in mobile phones that would give consumers a convenient way to access free radio service.

• Opposing unnecessary advertising restrictions: Today, advertising is a fully deductible business expense. There is a current effort in Washington to change this.

• EAS/Amber Alert: The current system is outdated and antiquated. The NJBA is working with law enforcement to upgrade the system.

The economy is yet another issue that draws the attention of Garden State broadcast executives.

Finn says, “Radio continues to be a very viable medium to generate exposure and move product for our advertisers. However, in today’s environment there are many other choices besides the traditional print and broadcast options.  “Digital advertising has gained momentum with the continuing evolution of smart phones and other devices. To remain competitive, Greater Media New Jersey is cutting-edge with our digital technology, so we can provide creative marketing solutions for our advertisers that include both broadcast and interactive programs to grow their businesses.”

Finn was named Vice President and Regional General Manager in 2001 when Greater Media, Inc. purchased New Jersey Broadcasting, Inc. He was promoted to Senior Vice President in December 2007. Prior to working with Greater Media, Finn served as President and Chief Operating Officer of New Jersey Broadcasting (WDHA-FM, WMTR-AM, WWTR-AM, WRAT-FM and WJRZ-FM). After the acquisition, Finn was given the responsibility of overseeing Greater Media’s existing heritage properties in New Jersey, WMGQ-FM and WCTC-AM, in addition to managing the former New Jersey Broadcasting stations.