101 WRIF’s “Dave & Chuck The Freak” Put Fans Into Their Video Game

April 1, 2015


On Monday, March 30th, the Dave & Chuck The Freak announced the release of a new level to their game app, “Dave & Chuck The FDave and Chuck Gamereak’s Kick Ass Game”.  In conjunction with the announcement of the new level, Dave and Chuck also announced that the Final Level of their game will be released this May.  The Final Level will also feature a unique fan experience.  A couple selected fans of the show will be featured as “thugs” within the gameplay of the final level.

Until April 17th, listeners of Dave & Chuck The Freak will have their chance to register to win the grand prize and become a part of “Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Kick Ass Game”.  The selected listeners will meet with game developer, Red Piston Inc, to have their likeness put into “cartoon” form and also record their voices for their role in the final level.  The listeners will then be featured in the final level of the game as “thugs” trying to stop Dave and Chuck’s characters from beating the final level.

Listeners will be able to listen for their chance to qualify to become a “thug” by listening to WRIF to qualify for a spot in the final level.  In addition to winners come through the on air promotion, new and current subscribers to the game app will also receive a prompt when they open the app in order to register to win.

Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Kick Ass Game” was developed right here in Detroit by Red Piston Inc, a firm that specialized in App development and game design.  Developers at Red Piston Inc. are fans of the show, and have worked with Dave and Chuck over the past two years to design the game and give fans an interactive and unique gaming experience.  The game is an App available for IPhone and Android users which can be downloaded for only 99 Cents through both ITunes and Google Play Store.

To see a trailer for “Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Kick Ass Game” go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMX9qL0FM7g.