Greater Media Detroit Grants Holiday Wishes

January 6, 2015

Wall of Wishes Tree


This holiday season, Greater Media Detroit employees helped Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) to fulfill eight families wishes (50 family members total).

Each family members gave us a few items that they wanted this holiday and their wishes were displayed on the Wall of Wishes at the Greater Media Detroit studios.

GMD employees were so generous, each person on the wall was adopted.

NSO Wall of Wishes CThey purchased gifts, wrapped them and placed them under the GMD tree. All presents were distributed right be for Christmas.

NSO is Neighborhood Service Organization, a 501(c)3 nonprofit human services agency serving our most vulnerable neighbors.  NSO has been supporting the community for more than 55 years with innovative services. NSO Wall of Wishes D

Some of our services are location-based, serving neighbors who come to us for help. Other services focus on outreach, traveling out into the community, reaching people wherever they are. Still other services are offered statewide through help lines and a network of professionals