Amelia Davis – WBT/WLNK

April 20, 2015


Amelia is the website and email graphics specialist.  Anything that you can imagine, she can do.

Her attitude and enthusiasm makes everyone feel confident that the job will get done right.  Since joining Greater Media Charlotte just 3 years ago, she has quickly become the go to person.  She brings creativity to her designs that help paint the visual picture of what we do every day on the air.

She is also a Professional Photographer which comes in very handy, especially when the talent is in need of some photoshop touchup work!  Amelia is also an active participant in our station events.  You may find her updating the website and social media or you may find her setting up at an event or managing our Event Team.

Every day, Amelia is helping make WBT and WLNK, Greater Media Charlotte…. Greater.