Mary Hutchenson – Greater Media Boston

January 1, 2015

Mary Hutchinson

After fourteen years making Greater Media greater, Mary Hutchinson, Assistant Business Manager with Greater Media Boston, will be retiring this month (January 2015).

Although quiet by nature, Mary has been a cornerstone of the Business Office staff and among our most knowledgeable and reliable employees since her arrival in September, 2000. Most are unaware of Mary’s responsibilities but her work ethic and commitment to the day to day requirements of her position have contributed enormously to the efficiency our business operation.

Her customer service orientation has provided countless numbers of employees with assistance they are unaware has even occurred – particularly our sales staff and the everyday challenges with billing and receivables. “Her knowledge and management of our accounting systems have been a critically important contribution to managing our operation.

She has been my right arm for the whole century and nobody will miss her more than me!” said Robert Di Salvo, Controller.

Thank you, Mary, for your outstanding contribution.