Boomer Von Cannon – WBT & Sky Link Traffic Reporter

March 19, 2015


Boomer has been a staple in Charlotte for years and was the afternoon drive jock at a well-known classic oldies station Magic 96.1 for about 13 years.

His “Cartunes” show featuring sound effects and dialog from cartoons mixed with great Oldies made the drive home fun.

Callers would give Boomer real traffic reports from their cell phones and in return for their “on the scene” info the listener would then get their request played while stuck in traffic.

Now, WBT and WLNK have the privilege of working with this legendary voice on the radio as he delivers traffic reports with style every day for WBT and SkyLink Traffic!

Always smiling. Team player. Dedicated. Strives to be the best.   That’s Boomer!