Erik Aratari – Greater Media Detroit

February 13, 2015


With a passion for music and concerts, it’s no surprise that Greater Media Detroit Event Coordinator Erik Aratari found his way to a career in radio.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Erik remembers listening to 101 WRIF-FM and loving it. Little did he know back then that he would not only intern at WRIF-FM but eventually have the chance to work with many of the jocks he loved to listen to on the air.

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It was Erik’s family, too, that saw a path for him and his passion, and encouraged him to enroll in broadcasting school. An internship was part of the curriculum, and Erik

landed a position with Greater Media Detroit.

Erik smiles as he remembers his internship with WRIF-FM. “I loved going to all the events. For me, it was a lot of firsts. Believe it or not, it was the first time I had ever been east of I-75,” Erik shared. He added, “Most of all it was great meeting all the people that loved WRIF. That’s still one of my favorite parts of my job.”

Five years ago, Erik joined the Greater Media Detroit family full time. As a member of the Event Team, Erik has had the opportunity to do and see things he only dreamed of. “One of my favorite memories is when I engineered an interview with Slash. I couldn’t believe I was right there. It was so cool.”

Erik added, “It was [WCSX Promotions Manager] Ben Perez who really had faith in me and my abilities. He continues to help me be the best I can be at my job.”

Erik recently found an outlet to share his passion for music, metal, more specifically, as part of the team on RIFF2, WRIF-FM’s HD2 station. He began doing a weekend air shift and then decided to teach himself Pro Tools editing software so that one day he would be able to produce his own specialty show. As a self-starter, Erik went one step further and reached out to Chop Shop Host/Producer Steve Black for tips on how to do show production.

Shortly thereafter, “Inside the Circle Pit” was born. Listeners get two hours of metal madness, band interviews and insight from Host and Producer Erik Aratari. When he talks about the show, you can see the excitement in Erik’s face and hear it in his voice. “I love metal and exploring the different types of metal music. It’s such a rush when one of my interviews gets picked up by an outside publication like Blabbermouth. This show really lets me follow my passion for metal music.”

While it may seem like Erik is all business, he makes sure to leave time for what’s truly important in life. The youngest of three, Erik puts family first. He had been a caregiver for his brother Chris who has cerebral palsy. “I really loved taking him to concerts and Tigers and Red Wings games. It meant a lot for us to be able to spend time together and having fun,” he said.  Sadly, Erik’s brother passed away in December.

Erik also makes time to pursue another passion, photography. He often photographs the concerts he works and attends. Being a Detroit native, there’s no surprise that Erik is also a huge Red Wings fan. He shared with us, “My girlfriend thinks I live on Sometimes she finds me checking out stories and stats on while listening to metal. What can I say? Hockey and metal make my day.”

It’s interesting how fate works. Erik told us that about 12 years ago, when he was attending a WRIF-FM event, he won a pair of tickets to see Aerosmith from Screamin’ Scott. Today you can find Erik working alongside Screamin’ Scott, and, yes, he still has the ticket stub from that Aerosmith concert. Talk about living your dream.

We are proud that Erik Aratari is on the Greater Media Detroit team and proud of what he does each day to make Greater Media great.