MAGIC 98.3 FM & WCTC-AM Cheer On in Komen Kolor 5K

December 4, 2014


Kolor 5K RunnersMAGIC 98.3 FM and 1450 WCTC-AM got together with Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, to add a little color to the summer. Participants arrived at the park in the morning to run through a three-mile path, while being covered with paint by strategically positioned staff members.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Komen Kolor 5K commenced on June 14, and what started with a stampede of white shirts ended with a cavalcade of orange-, blue-, and green-splattered men and women. The Kolor 5K tickets included day passes for the theme park, which meant that the fun didn’t end after the paint ran out.

Kolor 5K Runners in Front of Magic TentMAGIC 98.3 FM and 1450 WCTC-AM were on the scene, providing music and entertainment along the trail. The MAGIC 98.3 FM tent was located at the very start of the 5K, ensuring that the staff had front-row seats when the runners were met with their first coat of orange paint.

Additionally, a raffle box gave guests the opportunity to win a family pack of tickets to a waterpark, undoubtedly the best way to clean off after a successful Kolor 5K!