Radio Gains a Voice on the Council for Research Excellence

September 19, 2014


By Buzz Knight – Vice President Program Development

buzz 5 x 7I recently received some exciting news about being added as a member of the Council for Research Excellence.

When I first heard about CRE right after the acquisition of Arbitron, I was intrigued about what this organization could bring to the audio industry.

Many of you I’m sure know little or nothing about the Council for Research Excellence. CRE consists of 40 Nielsen clients who are senior-level research professionals representing agencies and media companies. Since 2005, the council has collaborated on many research projects with the intent to give impactful data across the industry. It was formed and funded by Nielsen as an independent “think tank.”

As a member of both the Radio Advisory Council and the National Association of Broadcasters’ Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement, I know that both committees advocated Nielsen to admit members of the audio community into CRE so radio could get its well-deserved seat at the table.

Our industry should be pleased that Nielsen heard that request loud and clear and complied with that request.

So why am I excited about being a member of the Council for Research Excellence?

First and foremost, as a pro-radio advocate, I’m glad we are in the same discussion as our counterparts in TV. The CRE roster is very rich and experienced, and to have radio on that team is a thrill. (Check out website at

Second, I love being exposed to new intelligent minds that all of us in the industry can learn from.

The CRE mission is to identify specific methodological research on audience measurement and report the findings to the Nielsen client base.

Members from radio besides Greater Media are Univision (Kathleen Bohan), Radio Advertising Bureau (Andy Rainey) and Katz Media Group (Stacey Schulman).

I hope that all of us can bring a fresh perspective and curiosity from within our industry. Even though all media outlets face new challenges and opportunities every day, radio does have its own unique set of them to consider.

In my view, “research excellence” means that whether it’s your own internal “think tank” or it’s the Council for Research Excellence, you bring together the brightest, most curious minds and ask questions about listener/consumer behavior to help grow your brand.

As radio tries to meet all of its challenges head-on, we need to “sharpen our saw” and learn from the television industry and consumers.