Diane Avery -Greater Media Newspapers

January 22, 2015


Embarking on a new way of thinking, the Sales Department and Art Department got together with the common goal of increasing revenue.

The Sales Department handpicked accounts and worked with the artists to create a new image for customers.

The Art Department had a better understanding of who the client was, and how they could capture that in an ad.

One success story is Brock Farms, who have increased their spending by more than 15 percent year over year. Thanks to artist Diane Avery, owner Ed Brock continues to run ads on a weekly basis.

He has nothing but praise for Avery, who continues to capture exactly what Brock wants, which at times can be hours of work.

On a weekly basis, he thanks Avery and his advertising representative for their continued dedication to take his thoughts and put them in the newspaper.

Thank you, Diane, for being part of the team!