WDHA Morning Jolt’s ‘Operation: Salute’ Gives Back to NJ Vets

June 5, 2014

WDHA’s Morning Jolt with Jim Monaghan and Kim Mulligan gave back to New Jersey Veterans this past Memorial Day with the first ever Operation: Salute auction on WDHAFM.com.

WDHA set up a series of hard to get items for auction on WDHAFM.com that included a golf four-some at a local country club and a guitar autographed by New Jersey Devil Patrick Elias as well as one of a kind experiences including a chance to Co-Host the lunch hour on WDHA with Midday Host Terrie Carr or a personal baseball lesson with Morning Jolt host Jim Monaghan.

The proceeds benefited the G.I. Go Fund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide help to veterans looking to find employment, access to housing, and assistance securing educational and health benefits.

In total, the eleven auction items generated over $2800 for the G.I. Go Fund.