Sherri Powers – Greater Media Detroit

July 2, 2014

Sherri Head Shot

The exciting changes over the last 12 months at Greater Media Detroit have prompted everyone on the team to rise to meet each day’s opportunities.

From launching a new station to welcoming new morning shows, it’s been a busy time for our whole team. Our engineering department has been at the forefront, helping to make sure we are ready to win.

Whether it’s setting up press conferences or live broadcasts, engineer Sherri Powers approaches each new task with a passion and positive attitude that are contagious.

Always displaying a calm demeanor under pressure, she is one of those people who make what she does look so easy.

The addition of Detroit Sports 105.1 FM to our team has brought with it a greater demand for remote broadcasts. Sherri looks at these events as exciting challenges. Often she finds herself drawing on her training and creativity to come up solutions to achieve high-quality broadcasts on the turn of a dime.

Recently, she deployed an app on her iPad while in the middle of a live broadcast to help assure seamless coverage. Sherri shared that one of the highlights of 2014 to date was being on the team that traveled to New Jersey to cover the Super Bowl for Detroit Sports 105.1 FM.

We’re proud of Sherri Powers and all she continues to do to make Greater Media great every day.