Greater Media Personalities Make Content Available On Google Newsstand & Currents

February 25, 2014


L&W Edition   Greater Media is proud to announce several of its radio shows will now make their content available via the Google Newsstand and Currents platforms.dctf-phone

105.7 WROR-FM’s morning hosts Loren & Wally, 101 WRIF’s morning show Dave & Chuck The Freak, Hot 96.9 personality Melissa and 107.9 WLNK’s morning show Bob & Sheri are joining the likes of Forbes, The Huffington Post, Popular Science and TMZ as publishers featured on the Google Newsstand and Currents platforms.

Fans of theses popular radio shows can now access a variety of audio, video and written word content on their iPad, iPhone via the Currents app or Android devices via the Google Newsstand app.

“It’s exciting to see Greater Media offer listeners a new way to access content from out talented shows on phone and tablets,” said Greatemelissa-phonelogor Media Vice President of Program Development Buzz Knight. “We love being available to our audience wherever they want to find us.”

Google Newsstand/Currents self-adapts to differently sized phones and tablets, and when fans subscribe to the Loren & Wally Edition, it will be synchronized across devices.   Google Newsstand/Currents was also named by New York Times, The Next Web, SlashGear and more as a top 10 Android app.

105.7 WROR-FM’s Loren & Wally Edition:

101 WRIF’s morning show Dave & Chuck The Freak Edition:

bob-sheri-phoneHot 96.9 personality Melissa Edition:

107.9 WLNK’s morning show Bob & Sheri Edition:


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