WRIF’s ‘Dave & Chuck The Freak’ Launch Game App

January 21, 2014

101 WRIF’s top rated morning show, Dave & Chuck The Freak, have yet another way for their listeners to connect with their show.  On Monday, January 20th, the show will be launching a new, updated version of “Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Kick Ass Game”.  The game is an App available for IPhone and Android users which can be downloaded for only 99 Cents through both ITunes and Google Play Store.  The game features Dave and Chuck The Freak working their way through levels of the game to save Lisa Way from the game’s villains, such as “Vanilla Rice” and other characters based from the duo’s morning drive show.

The game was developed right here in Detroit by Red Piston Inc, a firm that specialized in App development and game design. As big fans of the show, the developers at Red Piston Inc. designed the game, in conjunction with Dave & Chuck, to give fans something from the guys while they were off the air.

The new game will have updates featuring WRIF as well as a brand new level to compete in which features the guys racing in the player’s choice of vehicles.  Dave & Chuck have always maintained a very close relationship with their listening audience.  From phone calls, emails, and text messages throughout the show to regular posts on Facebook all day long, the show keeps a constant connection with their listeners.  This game provides yet another way for fans of the show to Dave & Chuck The Freak everywhere that they go.