Joel Morgan – Greater Media Detroit

April 2, 2014


Joel Morgan approaches every day with a passion for radio and helping people. These amazing attributes make him well suited for his role of Promotion Assistant at Greater Media Detroit.

Joel joined GMD in 2007 as a member of the Event Team, but Joel’s passion for radio began at an early age. Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, he can still remember the family radio being on all the time. He learned to appreciate all types of music, but rock ’n’ roll was becoming his favorite. While still is school, Joel met a WRIF-FM Event Team member at the local bowling alley. He found out all he could about radio and the RIFF. Joel still has his RIFF Dread Card from back then. Joel focused on making radio a career by attending Specs Howard School of Broadcasting.

After graduating, he worked at several stations in the Detroit market and finally got called up to what he says are the big leagues—Greater Media. As he puts it, “It was like joining the Yankees. It had been my professional goal to work at Greater Media.”

Here's an example of Joe's Lego creations.

Here’s an example of Joe’s Lego creations.

“During my time at Greater Media, I’ve had the chance to really learn how each department fits together to make great radio,” Joel shared, adding, “The main thing I’ve learned is to focus on delivering great service to our listeners and clients.” Whether it’s working at a station display at, Joel can always be found making sure that listeners and clients are having a great time.


In his current role, Joel finds himself working directly with listeners, and he loves it! He is constantly amazed at the impact he and other team members can have in making a listener’s day bright. “To hear them say ‘I’m so happy’ when you call to talk with them about an event or prize makes me happy too.”

When not at Greater Media Detroit, you can find Joel and his wife, Kim, joining in the fun concerts. They even eloped to Las Vegas and were married just prior to a Rolling Stones concert. Joel likes to joke that the Rolling Stones played at their wedding reception.

They also enjoy sporting events around town or working on their house in Berkley, MI. A fun fact about Joel is his love of Legos. He’s taken Lego construction to a whole other level. With engineering precision, Joel creates large-scale sculptures from Legos. Some of his pieces include a 4-foot replica of the Titanic, a foot-tall parrot, a 4-foot-wide eagle and a very cool squirrel rockin’ out with a Van Halen guitar, complete with amplifier and beer.

Joel also shared with us that “people sometimes think I may be a bit overenthusiastic, but I’m just so happy to have this special opportunity. I hope to continue to evolve my career at Greater Media Detroit for many years to come.”

If you’re ever in need of a boost of inspiration or a reminder of why working in radio is cool, simply give Joel Morgan a call. He’s just the person to remind you!

We are proud of the work that Joel does every day to make Greater Media Detroit great.