WCSX Releases Free Deer Hunting Game App

November 21, 2013

As thousands of Michiganders take part in Michigan’s long hunting tradition, 94.7 WCSX, Detroit’s Classic Rock Station, announces the release of a new game app to entertain hunters during their downtime. “WCSX Deer Hunter” is a free game app that is now available for download in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Presented in part by Carhartt and Real Tree Xtra Camo, “WCSX Deer Hunter” challenges players to test their hunting skills to bag as many bucks as possible through three levels of play. Speed and precision are key to scoring points in this game. Other game features include the ability to shoot from a standing or kneeling position, choice of three different firearms, the option to post scores to Facebook and Twitter and an easy way to access the WCSX app and online stream so they can listen to their favorite Classic Rock station even when they’re away from home.

“Hunting is a part of Michigan’s heritage and we wanted to give our listeners who hunt a free, fun game to play while at deer camp,” said 94.7 WCSX Program Director Jerry Tarrants. “We’re also excited to give players a chance to see how their scores stack up against the WCSX personalities. WCSX is already working on several new game ideas based on activities our listeners have told us they enjoy. Stay tuned!”