Peter Smyth Honored at the 2013 USS Constitution Museum Chairman’s Dinner

October 18, 2013

Peter Smyth Charles Francis Adams Award

Greater Media Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter H. Smyth was featured among the honorees at the 2013 USS Constitution Museum Chairman’s Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at the Seaport Boston Hotel.

From a fighting warship in 1812 to being named America’s Ship of State in 2009, “Old Ironsides” is not only a hometown hero but an American icon. The Chairman’s Dinner is an opportunity for all to come together to honor her and those who upheld the ideals and the very characteristics that the USS Constitution has come to represent: dedication to community, commitment to purpose, and excellence in all endeavors.

Smyth received the Charles Francis Adams Award, given in honor of one of the Museum’s founders. This award is presented to a person who has given of himself or herself for the betterment of the community.  In the past, Smyth has been recognized by numerous organizations throughout the Commonwealth for his commitment to the Boston community

“Each award has significant meaning and the recipients were thoughtfully selected for the contributions that they have not only made to our community, but also to the Museum and the preservation of history for future generations,” said Anne Grimes Rand, President of the USS Constitution Museum.”