Scott Whitlock – Account Executive

August 12, 2013

Scott Whitlock

Account Executive

Account Executive Scott Whitlock is called a Boy Scout by his peers. And they would be right—Scott is a Boy Scout.

Besides being an outstanding account executive for WBT AM/FM and WLNK-FM, Scott has a vocation he loves just as much, if not more—scouting. Scott has been involved with the area Boy Scout Council for many years—helping boys (including his sons) embrace the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared.

Last year, Scott was asked to start a Boy Scout troop for boys facing issues brought about by poverty, crime and a broken home. As is Scott’s nature, he took the challenge and now leads an active troop, taking them camping to learn about nature and how to survive with minimal skills and tools.

Scott has taken the time to make a difference in the lives of these Scouts and their community.

Scott’s devotion to his family, scouting and his work with WBT AM/FM and WLNK-FM is what makes Greater Media Charlotte great!