Brian Samborski – National Sales Manager

July 29, 2013

Brian Samborski

National Sales Manager
Greater Media Boston

When you ask anyone about Brian Samborski, the consistent short answer is: “The best! He’s the best in the business!”

Brian started his career at Greater Media as National Sales Manager nine years ago. Having strong, valued relationships that are built on trust are the keys to his success.

He is beloved by the buyers and the reps that take Greater Media to market on his behalf. His positive energy is felt in our building as well—inspiring our local teams and everyone around him.

Brian also makes us laugh. No one is exempt from his wisecracking, quick-witted sense of humor. If there were a “Making Greater Media Funnier Award,” he’d win that one hands down! But for all the ribbing he gives us, we love him. His thoughtful, generous nature makes him a favorite with all departments.

Brian is also a favorite with his lovely wife, Megan, dog Ben, and their 7-month-old daughter, Lily—Boston’s cutest baby!