Son of Veteran Greater Media NJ Radio Employee, on Track to ‘BIG’ Things

June 10, 2013

By Jessica D’Amico

Doug Rockwell found his passion early, and it’s paying off.

Devoted to music from a young age, the 27-year-old rising star began writing songs at age 8 and picked up the guitar a year later. By high school, Rockwell was playing drums, bass, saxophone, piano and trombone.

“I always was surrounded by music from when I was born,” said Rockwell, who joined his first band in elementary school.

“It was in his blood,” said proud mom Robbin Friedell, Assistant National Sales Manager and 15-year veteran at Greater Media New Jersey Radio. “He has a lot going on for him right now, and it’s very, very exciting.”

Because Rockwell showed talent and the dedication to back it up, he got the vote of confidence that mattered most.

Fresh out of high school, Rockwell got the chance to tour the country with his band Someday Never, a pop/punk hybrid, with him at the helm, singing and playing guitar. Instead of pushing him toward the safer bet of heading off to college, his parents stood behind his musical aspirations.

“Believe it or not, I’ve been extremely fortunate that, everything I’ve done musically, my parents have supported me,” he said of his New Jersey upbringing. “They saw the potential of it.”

They weren’t the only ones. The award-winning musician has gained more than a little recognition over the years, and it appears that more great things are on the horizon.

“It seems like exciting things are ahead, and I’m finally on the right path,” he said.

By the looks of it, he’s been on that path for a while. Sony PlayStation 2 featured one of Someday Never’s songs in its “ATV Offroad Fury 4” video game. The band was also honored at the Asbury Music Awards — a who’s who of the Jersey Shore’s thriving music scene — when they were chosen as “Best Young Band.”

Rockwell’s songs have been played on the radio, also hitting home at Greater Media New Jersey, with a commercial for the Magic Morning Show with Glenn Kalina and Dianne DeOliveira at MAGIC 100.1 WJRZ-FM, as well as guest spots on WRAT-FM and WCTC-AM.

An education in audio engineering gave Rockwell even more of an edge, allowing him to produce, record, mix and master not only his own music, but also that of bands and artists from all over the world.

“It was another passion of mine,” he said of sound engineering.

Rockwell’s having a hand in all aspects of his music makes it even more remarkable that it has gained such recognition, lending its indie/pop sound to TV commercials and shows — such as NBC’s “The Voice” and Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings” — and to horror channel Chiller TV, among others.

Rockwell said he didn’t find out about the latter until receiving a text from a friend who had seen the promotion.

“It definitely was really cool,” he said, adding, “It generated a lot of traffic for me.”

It didn’t hurt either when he joined forces last year with Grammy-winning songwriter Bill Grainer — who has written songs for Jennifer Hudson and other heavy hitters — to write for artists in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Rockwell’s most recent career move came late last year, when he signed a management/publishing deal with BIG Management, the company that represents the likes of Randy Jackson, David Guetta and Chris Willis.

“A publishing deal for a songwriter is like a record deal for a band,” he explained.

The deal ensures that even more of his songs will make it out to the ears of the masses via TV, film and other artists.

Rockwell is achieving success aspiring musicians only dream about, but it’s not for lack of hard work.

“There’s no magic to it, except for constantly getting [your name] out there,” he said, adding that he is not one to rest on his laurels. “Choosing this path as a career is a lot of anxiety, but it’s exciting nonetheless.”

Friedell couldn’t be more excited for — and proud of — her multi-talented son.

“I’m just grateful that after all his hard work and perseverance, he seems to be on the right track,” she said.

Along with doing his promising solo career, Rockwell serves as frontman for Lovelectric, a rock/pop band that released its official debut EP, “An Ovation for Innovation,” in January.

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