Philly’s Finest Chefs to be Showcased at WMGK Food Fest

March 5, 2013

“What do the top chefs in the area fix themselves when they’re hanging around the house?” That’s the question that 102.9 WMGK-FM morning host, John DeBella (weekdays 6am to 9am), asked himself six years ago and it’s what inspired him to create the 102.9 WMGK-FM John DeBella Comfort Food Fest.

This year’s Comfort Food Fest, to be held Wednesday March 13 at Vie (600 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA), features a line-up of chefs that specialize in a full range of different cuisines such as: Latin cuisine (Cuba Libre & El Vez), Italian cuisine (Alla Spina), steak house cuisine (Old Homestead Steakhouse, Parxgrill), seafood (Route 6 & Doc Magrogan’s) and even vegan cuisine (Vedge).

Ten of the area’s most celebrated chefs will treat 400 invited guests and 3 judges to their gourmet interpretation of comfort food in hopes of walking away with the evening’s top prize, The DeBella Golden Spoon Award. The DeBella Golden Spoon Award will be given to the chef that scores the highest on the judges’ score cards. This year’s judging panel will include The Inquirer’s Michael Klein & John Lilley of the legendary Philadelphia rock group, The Hooters. One more judge will be added.

Previous Comfort Food Fest creations include: wild boar chili, mac & cheese grilled cheese with drunken tomato marmalade, Chinese barbeque marinated pork belly in a steamed bun, duck confit and foie gras pierogi, kobe beef hot dogs, chorizo meat loaf, ramen noodle miso soup and cheese steak tortillas.

Those interested in attending the event, which will take place from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, can register for an invitation by going to

Chefs from the following restaurants will be participating:
Chef David LaForce - El Vez
Chef Richard Landau - Vedge
Chef Mike Deganis - Alla Spina
Chef Evan Smith – Cuba Libre
Chef Frank Perko - Parxgrill
Chef Anthony DiRenzio – Route 6
Chef Romeo DiBona - Borgata’s Old Homestead
Chef Karen Weinstein - Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House
Chef Anthony DiPascale- Harvest
Chef Jason Grossberg - Vie