Plugged In & Reaching People

February 11, 2013

Technology has changed and continues to change so quickly that it requires us to be on top of our game at all times!

Facebook is our best example of immediacy that allows us the opportunity to exchange information and “hug & kiss” our listeners every morning.

Most recently of course, Superstorm Sandy information before, during and after the disaster proved to be invaluable. It also enables us to interact with listeners who may not normally call a radio station or do not have time to. They can interact with us from their phones and computers from work, home or wherever they are.

We are able to post info on their favorites artists, promote the radio station, contesting, morning show and cross promote our website.

We have discovered listeners LOVE pictures and videos so we post them on a regular basis.

Listeners are also ready willing and able to help the show and other listeners with valuable weather information or iHeart Radio enables listeners to listen to the station when they are out of range and can not listen online.

Technology has enabled us to build a closer and more personal relationship with our listeners!

Glenn Kalina & Dianne DeOliveira are making Greater Media greater in their roles as morning show hosts at Magic 100.1 in New Jersey.