WMGK to Collect 25 Tons of Computers

February 1, 2013

Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK-FM will conduct the 2nd Annual 102.9 WMGK Computer Drive tomorrow (Saturday ,February 2nd) from 10am to 2pm. The 102.9 WMGK-FM DJs are asking listeners to bring their old computers, printers, monitors, scanners, cell phones & other computer equipment to either of the station’s 2 collection locations. One collection location will be located in the parking lot of the King of Prussia Mall and one will be located in the parking lot of the Deptford Mall. The WMGK DJs will be loading listeners computer equipment into fifty-three foot trucks parked on the premises. The DJs will be assisted by the station’s two partners in the event, Harmonious Volunteers Center and Magnum Computer Recycling.

This year’s event takes on added significance due to the fact that starting on January 24, 2013 a new Pennsylvania law went into effect making it illegal for Pennsylvanians to throw out computers and similar electronics with the rest of their household trash. Residents can’t put computer equipment out on the curb unless their municipality has an electronics recycling program. Events like the WMGK Computer Drive give residents a safe and legal way to dispose of their unwanted computer equipment.

The amount of computer related equipment donated during last year’s 1st Annual WMGK Computer Drive filled two fifty-three foot trucks and weighed over 50,000 thousand pounds. All of the equipment donated was either refurbished and donated to local organizations and families in need by Harmonious Volunteers Center or properly recycled in accordance with state and federal guidelines by Magnum Computer Recycling, a R2 certified recycler. Harmonious Volunteers Center and Magnum Computer Recycling will be filling the same roles at this year’s event.

NFI Industries will be donating the trucks and drivers used to collect the computers. Primo Hoagies is providing free food for those that stop by to donate their computer equipment.

Here are the exact donation locations:

1. King of Prussia Mall Parking Lot – WMGK will be located in the parking lot that is on Route 202 and Mall Blvd right next to Wells Fargo Bank on the King of Prussia Court side of the Mall. The Mall’s address is: 160 North Guelph Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

2. Deptford Mall Parking Lot – WMGK will be located in the parking lot right off of Clements Bridge Road, in front of Boston’s. WMGK will be right across the street from Philadelphia Restaurant in the Mall Parking lot. The Mall’s address is: 1750 Deptford Center Rd #Mm Deptford Township, NJ 08096.