Leslie Jenkins – Greater Media Boston

October 31, 2012

Many jobs crucial to the success of our business are not readily known or understood beyond the four corners of our building or even within them; but, without them, all business would eventually come to a halt.

Leslie Jenkins’ position as Billing and Credit Coordinator is one of these jobs.

Leslie has worked in the Business Office over seventeen years. Her position is the last stop for an order before it is delivered to our Traffic Department and the last stop before invoices leave the building.

In addition to reviewing creditworthiness of clients, Leslie’s position helps insure the proper assembly of a sales order and consistency of billing issued to our advertisers. In short, Leslie performs a sizable amount of “front end” work before orders ever reach the Traffic Department.  She completes the process by issuing billing and expediting delivery to the proper destination.

Leslie Jenkins mans a critical checkpoint in our order entry process. She does a magnificent job intercepting potential credit and billing problems, helps keep errors to a minimum, and does it better than anyone else.

Thank you, Leslie, for seventeen years of service and a job well done.