Linda Welch O’Grady – Greater Media Boston

October 3, 2012

For 18 years, Linda Welch O’Grady has graced Greater Media with her radiant, infectious smile and warm personality.

She has worn several hats over this time including Executive Assistant, Local Sales Assistant and her current position, National Sales Assistant where she’s in charge of 1/3 of the billing that comes into this building.

What makes Linda so great are her connections and friends all over Greater Media. From the traffic department, to production, to the business office, sales, on-air, engineers, etc., she is well-known, loved and respected. Linda has an incredible work ethic and will always be the first to volunteer if help is needed.

Her devotion to her three boys and the rest of her family is a healthy reminder to us all of what is truly important in life.

Linda makes Greater Media greater each day by giving us all a very important gift, she makes us smile.