Mark Maury – Greater Media Newspapers

August 27, 2012

Mark has been an invaluable member of the Circulation Department since March 20, 1989.  His duties consist of a variety of responsibilities, such as breaking down newspapers for the carriers, delivering bulk drops and recycling the newspapers.

After the Circulation Department moved to the Greater Jersey Press building in East Brunswick, NJ, in 1993, he also helped out in the mailroom/pressroom to cover manpower shortages.

In 1997 he was promoted to in-house truck driver in addition to his other responsibilities. Although he was laid off in 2008 when Greater Jersey Press closed, he was rehired in November 2008 as company courier and interoffice messenger.  In his 20-plus years with Greater Media he has done many jobs, carried many bundles of papers and driven many miles.

What Mark is most proud of is that whenever or wherever something had to be done, whether it was for circulation, mailroom, sales, finance or any other department, he was there to take on and complete the task.

He is one of our most loyal and dependable employees and a pleasure to work with. What he cherishes most are the many friendships made with employees over the years.