Caring About Customer Service

May 9, 2012


Since its conception, Radio has been able to draw its audience in and project a sense of intimacy no matter the audience’s size or the listener’s location. Whether it was the family crowding around the radio listening to the next exciting adventure of the Lone Ranger or people cruising Woodward with the top down and radio blasting on a hot summer night, radio has been a constant companion during the high and lows of our lives. Radio has becomes more than entertainment. Radio provides the backdrop of our lives and has had more impact on our everyday lives then we ever imagined it could.

So when asked what customer service means to me several thoughts come to mind. Sure, the first thing I think of is providing services wither it be answering or directing phone calls or greeting winners when the come to get their prizes. I also think of the listener who tells me he’s known an announcer for the last twenty years but they’ve never met. I know what he means. I think of the listener who in inconsolable tears because her favorite announcer is retiring and she won’t get her daily time with her “friend”. I know what she means. I think of the family who came in to tell me their son/brother had passed away just because the station meant so much to him. I understand what they mean. I think of the listener’s who excitedly show me their “family” photos and I see they included some of our staff. I know what she means.

I’ve worked in other service industry jobs before being employed with Greater Media Detroit. Radio is different.  Customer service for radio has to be just as different. For me, customer service for the last fifteen years has meant building on that intimacy that the stations have already generated. It’s about caring. Customer service in radio can’t be the normal “paper or plastic” mentality. It’s about relationships. It’s about people. It’s about caring for people who have become your radio family and friends that has nothing to do with a prize, an event or a program. Yes, it’s about “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”. But it is also about “How are you today?” and caring about the answer.

Aliza Brandon is currently making Greater Media, Inc. great in her role as Receptionist for the Greater Media Detroit cluster.