Motivating Your Team To Win

April 25, 2012

Motivating folks and having a motivating environment isn’t about bright clever posters.  It starts with a management philosophy.

I think it is about creating a “vibe”, a feel, a way to doing business.   All business units have personalities.

Fun, respect and passion seem to rise to the top of my list.

I remember sharing my thoughts years ago with R&R’s Erica Farber.   Here are a few of the key elements of my philosophy on motivation from back that I still employ today.

  • Understand that great ideas emanate from all corridors’; it is not just the guy/gal sitting in the corner office.  I am big on consensus management and training.
  • One of my favorite quotes is “Life is a Seminar——you learn each day.”   I really believe in my people. They have great ideas. Whether it is an intern or a VP of the company, I am always listening for ideas from all corridors.”
  • The most empowering question you can pose an employee is “how would you solve this?” People are motivated when they feel that YOU care and that they can make a different.  Show that you care. And really care.
  • Remember the importance of saying Thank You.  Your employees like to be acknowledged and thanked for their special efforts.   At our stations we give out a parking space each month for the employee of the month.  Spotlighting team members doing things right can inspire the whole team.
  • A big part of motivating is simply listening.   Listen to employees when they talk about their life and their work.   I love to spend time moving around the station.  In fact, at one point in business circles, they coined a phrase: MBWA……management by wandering around.   Gosh, I was doing it without knowing it was an official strategy!
  • We are in a pressurized/disruptive industry.  Remind your employees to have fun. Laugh and be a little silly (at times).
  • It’s also important to do things as a group.  We have done Festive Fridays, trips to NY to see plays and river cruises.   People that spend time with each other and learn about each other work better together.
  • It is so cool to learn about employee’s talents. The other day, I found out one of our IT people….was an accomplished violin player and taught lessons.
  • Always show respect for your employees and the unique talents they possess.   

Dan Henrickson is making Greater Media great in his role as Station Manager at Magic 98.3 and WCTC.