The Importance Of Mentoring

March 6, 2012


A good mentee is being challenged and is given opportunities that are out of his/her comfort where a mentor can help them grow. As a mentor you must always be a mentor. You can’t turn it on and off. Don’t expect your colleague to try your practices and be challenged by your way of thinking if you are not willing to provide true opportunities to grow.

Every 3-6 months we set goals in the programming department at The New Soft Rock 105.1. In many situations we mentor each other. One year ago all of the team wanted to learn Pro Tools to create commercials/imaging. My production director placed an hour aside each week to teach the ins and outs.

Now, all of the team uses the software and many are diving into it even more. A production assistant had a goal to be on the radio. After 3 months of weekly demo feedback, he was on the air and sounds pretty darn good. Finally, an intern last year had an extreme passion for music scheduling and learning the guts of PPM. After 8 months of mentoring with everyone, that person is our program coordinator.

No one knows the importance of mentoring better than I do. At 14, I was mentored in television through the Boy Scouts Of America Explorer Program. When you discover someone who’s passionate about “being the best”, share the skills that you’ve learned. Take time each week to invest into passionate talent. Give direction and give examples.

Our next great broadcasters will come from your mentoring. Without mentoring there would be no Eminem (mentored by: Dr. Dre), Heath Ledger (mentored by: Mel Gibson) and Luke Skywalker (mentored by: Obi-wan Kenobi).

Brian Figula is making Greater Media great in his role as Program Director for The New Soft Rock 105.1 in Detroit.