Radio Should Strive To Be More Like CES

January 30, 2012


One of the great dynamics of the Consumer Electronics Show that radio still needs to meet head on is the show business vibe of the show. How can we at our radio station raise the level of “show business” in how we approach our day to day activities? This year at the show Hollywood stars, sports legends and musical icons will be part of the madness at CES to support the show and the various products. Where else can you find “Snooki”, Justin Bieber and Dennis Rodman all at an event with the sole purpose of getting people to notice the international trade show?

Every year at CES the importance of partnerships comes thru loud and clear and this is a reminder that radio needs to take very seriously. Ford Motor company has been a leader in strategic partnerships as a method to broaden their brand appeal particularly with their Sync dashboard product. Speaking of Ford and the subject of mobility for radio listeners I’ll be excited to get a pulse on the future of the dashboard as it applies to radio’s challenges and opportunities.

What will the in-car dashboard experience look like in the year 2015? How will the topic of vehicle safety be addressed in the future? The Research and Development focus of CES is also a great radio reminder for our future on every level of what we try to accomplish. How can we create more sound R&D opportunities for talent and format development at a time when resource and people allocation needs critical analysis? This year at CES “Eureka Park” is the venue for new companies showing off their innovations as part of the over 1.8 million square feet of CES territory. Eureka Park is a science fair of cutting edge technology, some green featuring start up companies and technologies that are only now emerging from Research and Development.

Apps continue to play a large role in the radio world and CES continues to measure the pulse of this significantly important issue to radio mobility and delivery. There’s a Mobile Apps Showdown where developers are given two minutes to showcase their application designs and an applause meter will take the pulse of attendees’ enthusiasm to decide the winners. A trade group for app developers also will launch at CES called the Application Designers Alliance as a forum to attract new members.

Speaking of apps why has radio been slow to the tablet app development game as an opportunity for content distribution? Last year tablets were the big story at CES with over 80 products being showcased. How many of them besides the IPAD can you name? I’ll be curious to see what’s new on the tablet horizon and this year what is released in the ultra-thin notebook category. I’ll talk to you in the midst of 140,000 of my closet friends at CES in Vegas.

My excitement for what I’m about to see reminds me of the thrill and chill associated with many of those first experiences that I cherish: First parade, First  baseball game, First Rock concert. I’m reminded of many of my first takeaways that apply to our radio business stretching back to my first CES back in 2008 and wondering how they might have changed here in 2012. 

As I head out to the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 I’m amped up for what I’m about to experience and appreciative of the opportunity to update all of you who read Radio Ink on a regular basis. I also have to signal out Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth(my boss)for supporting and encouraging this electronic expedition into the future.

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