WRIF Listeners Vote Red Wing in to All-Star Game

January 13, 2012

With the efforts of 101 WRIF, Jimmy Howard was one of the six goaltenders to be added to the 2012 All-Star Game roster this afternoon. Meltdown left the studio and hit the road on Tuesday, Dec 6th in a decaled 101 WRIF – VOTE FOR HOWARD RV.

His only goal was to get Detroiters to write Jimmy Howard’s name on the ballot. On-site Meltdown had voting stations set up with laptops, where voters could log onto NHL.com and write in Jimmy Howard’s name on the All Star Ballot. For everyone who voted, they got an “I Voted for Howard” sticker to show their commitment to the cause and were entered into a drawing to win tickets to upcoming Red Wing games as well as autographed merchandise from Jimmy Howard. Looks like the Vote for Howard Campaign was a complete success with over 20,000 listeners who visited the RIFF site to Vote for Howard!