The Power and Promise of A Heritage Station

December 7, 2011


A heritage radio station is much like a family heirloom; it’s passed from generation to generation; it’s treated with extra-special care; and when there’s discussion of simpler times, or of “the good old days”, it always seems to get a mention. There’s a certain comfort factor that comes with a heritage station. In WCTC’s case, it’s where Greater Media began its long successful current run as one of America’s top broadcasting corporations, which is something we can all be very proud of. Like the saying goes, “a bountiful harvest can be traced back to a single seed”.

There is a fondness that comes with heritage and tradition. I can talk to WCTC listeners of any age, and every single person can recall a moment in their lives where the station played a role. Maybe it was news coverage of a major event in Central Jersey, such as the recent Hurricane Irene, where someone simply could not stop listening for the latest details. Or a young athlete that just played the game of his or her life that was broadcast on the station to fans, family, and friends. Or perhaps one of the countless times in WCTC’s history where its resources were used to raise awareness or funds for the benefit of a worthwhile cause.

Much has changed on the terrestrial radio landscape over the years. Other media have taken the fight to radio in competition for audience and revenue. More than ever, it’s important for heritage radio to remain current. A strong website and online component to remain engaged with the active listener; presence on mobile devices for young and old on the go; Facebook and Twitter involvement for around-the-clock direct communication. WCTC embodies all that is key for survival in today’s competitive radio market.

Make no mistake: WCTC is a heritage radio station with a proud tradition, but is also a modern, viable, 21st-century media option. Some think of it as “old”; I just like to think we had one heck of a long head start.

Bert Baron is making Greater Media great in his role as Program Director/Midday Host on WCTC-AM in New Jersey.