Making Sure Your Sales Teams Are Ready To Win

November 30, 2011


Know as much or more about the customer than they know themselves. Whether it’s a brand new sales call or a service call, it’s important to keep up to date on the customer’s business. Know their products & services, know their competition, and know their target consumer. With today’s technology there’s no reason you can not be armed with information before you see or speak to a client. The internet is loaded with information. I personally get Google Alerts that keep me informed on key advertisers or industries. These alerts are great especially when preparing for a sales call or reaching out to a perspective customer.

Have an agenda. Make sure your customer knows exactly why you are meeting. Everyone’s time is valuable including you and the customer. Set the expectation for the purpose of the meeting. If your customer knows exactly what to expect their will be no surprises. If you are conducting a needs analysis, tell him. “I am coming to see you to learn about YOUR business.” If you are coming with an idea, tell him. “I am coming to share an incredible idea with you.” Setting an agenda and expectations helps keep the meeting flowing and straightforward. No surprises, no one likes them in the business world.

Turn those tools into ideas. Every station has plenty of tools, but it’s how you customize those tools into ideas for customers that give you the edge. Ideas sell, not tools. Tools are a means to execute the ideas. Ideas need to be Cool, Custom and Effective. Ideas need to be Cool, is this something fresh & unique, is this something people will take notice of? Ideas most importantly need to be Custom. Can this idea be taken to any customer or is it custom specifically to the customer’s brand or service? Ideas need to be Effective. This idea needs to generate results. Can we measure and see results? If you take time to turn those tools into ideas, you will close a lot of business.

Jim Antes is making Greater Media great in his role as General Sales Manager at 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia.