Curiosity & Creativity. What a team!

November 9, 2011

Can you imagine where we’d be if we weren’t a curious being? All of human kind’s learning would be out the window… left to be stumbled upon.  Wisdom is hardly ever stumbled upon. You think Marconi (or Tesla depending on your timeline) was curious? You bet your Zenith black-dial he was.

Curiosity is fun; a bit of a frolic of the mind… it allows you to go off and be a certain someone learning something new. What you learn may very well make you a different person.

Curiosity is the joy of asking, “Why?”. It’s as plain as day for a 5 year old kid, and yet it’s sometimes lost by time we reach 25. But, as every great scientist and inventor has revealed, curiosity in the hands of an adult is a much more effective tool than in the hands of a 5 year old.

What to do with all this curiosity? What to do with your gathered knowledge? That’s the domain of curiosity’s direct descendent, creativity. The child learns through curiosity that sunlight though the magnifying glass makes something hot, the adult puts that heat to work powering their home with his or her creativity. The child practices back selling his older sisters’ records in the basement of the house he grew up in, the adult creates a radio brand that other people grow up with.

This curiosity you have to try new things… how does it affect your radio station today? Are you trying new subject lines in club emails? Creating new sales programs? Developing new N.T.R events for your audience to enjoy (and your sales team to soar with)? Trying new remote broadcast systems? Finding new ways to engage on social networks? Developing new ways to bring new technology to your program stream? Developing the curiosity in your staff?

This job is never the “same old thing”…. S.O.S isn’t for us, my friend. With a curious mind, you’ll never live the same day twice.

What will you be curious about today? What will you create with the knowledge you earned through your curiosity? Imagine what fun that will be.

Carl Craft is making Greater Media great in his roles as Program Director, Operations Manager and AM Show Host at WRAT-FM in New Jersey.