Graphic Design With A Plan

November 2, 2011

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” 
~Charles Eames~

The graphic design process depends on much more than just artistic talent.  To produce designs that get results, it is very important that they are based on solid strategic thinking.

At the Interactive Department of Greater Media New Jersey, we understand how important good input and organization is to the process of creating effective designs for Sales, Programming and the clients of our stations.  We devote a great deal of time and energy to organizing and arranging all the necessary elements before we begin the design process.

As my father once told me about the design process, “Don’t push down on the gas pedal until you know where you’re heading to.”  By getting as much information about a project before you begin, the designer is able to produce a roadmap for the direction of the design which makes the process quicker and more effective.

Four questions that need to be asked before beginning any design project are;

  • What is the key message of the design project?
  • What is the personality or tone of the message? Fun? Emotional? Educational? Other?
  • What imagery, colors, symbols and shapes will best convey the message?
  • How will the design be used/and in what mediums? Online? Print? Signage? Other?

The answers to these four questions are essential in creating good collaboration and understanding between everybody involved in the project and keeping the direction of the final design “on course”. Additionally, since each GMNJ station maintains their own Style Guide for font, color and size standards, projects are able to be developed within a time-saving, visually appealing framework. 

Organization. Communication. Teamwork… it all adds up to striking visual design for our listeners, and great results for our stations!

Kaitlyn Zullo is making Greater Media Great in her role as Interactive Designer & Content Manager for Greater Media New Jersey.