Success In Any Size Market

October 12, 2011

Individual success can be achieved regardless of the city or size of a radio market.

The successful person’s distinguishing attributes are the same and work regardless if you live in NYC, LA, Detroit or Morristown or Belmar, NJ. The most influential people I know, exude confidence which stems from a variety of charactistics… vision, creativity, flexibility, integrity, positive outlook, and strong work ethic. Achieving success in life and work requires self-discipline and self awareness as well as seeking ways to grow personally and professionally. The best advice I once read was making sure to focus on performing the current job or assignment to the very best of your ability. This helps you prepare for the next step or promotion.

As for Vision or Goals….if you can’t see it, chances are you will not get it accomplished. Like a GPS system, the destination is imperative and keeping focused on the final location (goal). If you can move in a direct line, chances are excellent the results will be faster. Unfortunately many individuals do not have a goal and even fewer have it in writing.

Creativity, flexibility, integrity are just some of the ingredients that help make the road to success achievable and even fun. A positive outlook and strong work ethic bind it all together. These two things will keep you focused and energized.

Since I believe you need the help of other people to make you successful, I queried my department heads on what needs to be done in their respective departments to be considered successful. These are their statements…

PD –A great PD is one who understands the needs of the market and audience. He programs to them and puts personal taste aside. Also, make sure the station staff stays focused and constantly pushes the brand and motivate the staff to always move forward in entertainment and community involvement.

Prod Dir- Has to be a “renaissance man” for they must be an expert in many different areas. A versatile voice is needed, excellent studio production skills, the ability to write compelling copy, pay attention to detail and communicate well with all departments. Also be resourceful and stay up to date on lifestyle trends,music, and technology. Most importantly, a great production director creates and executes innovative and effective commercials; promos and imaging that help generate revenue and ratings for the station as well as exciting content for the listener.

Promo Dir-A great Promotions Director is an individual who can consistently find ways to market their brand (stations) in new and unique ways to keep and expand their audience.

Sales manager – Understand that every day is a challenge and constantly search for new and effective pieces for the puzzle. Discover what binds the advertiser with the consumer and guide and motivate the sales staff to positively approach that connection.

Traffic Director –a successful traffic director has… Dedication, organizational skills, a workable knowledge of each aspect of the business (enabling you to understand how your work effects other departments), the ability to deal with various personalities, the desire to embrace quandaries and solve them, a back of the hand knowledge of the traffic system (or a desire to do so) and a pride in your work that speaks for itself…

Engineer -A great engineer has a genuine passion for their work, whether it’s multitasking daily on projects or issues or staying positive during uncertain or difficult situations.

I am very lucky to have a station full of people who understand what it takes to be successful and work extremely hard. Their passion keeps them motivated and their focus and dedication make our stations successful.

Nancy McKinley is making Greater Media great in her role as Station Manager for WDHA & WMTR in Cedar Knolls, NJ.