The Power of Listening

September 28, 2011

It sounds so simple, but it’s true.  Our best ideas for digital programs have come from a basic needs analysis and engaging the decision makers at our clients in the development and marketing process.  That means we spend a great deal of time listening and researching.

Think about the Las Vegas “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign.   After a failed attempt to promote itself as family destination (bad idea), Las Vegas finally embraced this campaign (good idea) . 

The campaign resonates because it’s what people already believe. Somebody at the agency listened and did their research.  Through their analysis and creativity, they turned what many believed was a negative perception of Vegas into a positive one.  Of course this campaign is so powerful that it’s still going strong.

To help us make sure we have all the information we need to develop sound programs, our team developed a worksheet called an “Objective of the Campaign Form” to be completed with our clients.   This step is a crucial as it helps us learn the client’s true marketing objectives, expectations, target focus, strategy on target customer, benefits sought, competition, positioning, etc.   If a client doesn’t have all the information, we are there to encourage them to find those answers.

There are no short cuts.  It’s this type of research that’s need before you begin developing programs for clients.

Our best programs are almost always integrated, including on-air schedule and digital marketing elements.  That’s why our team is also little like CSI New Jersey.  We make sure to conduct forensic research of our client’s website and social media presence.  This step gives us even more background and understanding as we enter idea development.

Good ideas come easy when you know as much as possible about your client.  Someone once told me “You will make more money knowing more about your client’s product and service than knowing more about your station.” I think that is still true today.   It all starts with listening and researching.

Tony Odachowski is making Greater Media great in his role as Interactive & NTR Director at Greater Media New Jersey.