Two Powerful Words

October 5, 2011

The radio industry is all about making connections with our listeners and clients.  We work hard to gain their trust, and their business.  We will jump through hoops to provide results for our clients. We utilize every ounce of creative juice to engage our listeners.  Do we ever think to show our gratitude by simply saying “thank you”? 

It can be argued that saying “thank you” is the most powerful, and lasting, way to make connections with others.  It isn’t by mistake that one of the first manners we are taught by our parents is to say “thank you”.  Marshal Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, says “failing to express gratitude is the most basic form of bad manners.”    He is right.  Upon this one simple utterance is built all other tenants of courtesy and decorum.  You know the old saying about a cobbler that “for a lack of a nail, the shoe was lost”.  Well, for the lack of a thank you, a culture can be lost. 

The power of “thank you” is staggering.  Thank you can reframe an explosive situation and change volatile to steady.  Thank you empowers both the giver and receiver.  Thank you reveals our vulnerability and that we do indeed, need help from others.  And when you have nothing left, you are completely spent mentally and fiscally, thank you is always the one gift you can give. 

Liberty Mutual, the giant insurance company, has started The Responsibility Project – Exploring What it Means to Do the Right Thing.  You’ve seen their commercials where strangers are paying forward a simple kindness.  What a powerful message – by showing kindness, you are showing responsibility and therefore, changing the world.

I suggest that expressing gratitude, showing recognition, and saying thank you can also change the world.  We are fortunate to work in an industry that allows us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our clients, listeners and the communities we serve.  Let’s make it “our project” to utter these two powerful words – thank you – to all of our stakeholders, to all who make us successful and to all who bring meaning to our lives.

Karen Suddreth is making Greater Media great in her role as Corporate HR Manager for Greater Media.