Sell to their needs…not yours

September 21, 2011

Solving clients’ problems is the cornerstone of our success in the advertising/marketing industry.  Note that I specifically say “advertising/marketing industry” and not the “radio industry.”

If we live in the world of spot-selling, we’re living in a regressive state.  We must truly understand a client’s challenges & goals, satisfy them with great ideas to create great results.

In Philadelphia, we live by the commitment of Coaching, Ideas, Results.  Simply stated…

Coaching…thought leadership for our clients

Ideas…cool, custom and effective integrated programs

Results…accountable for performance, insights & opportunities

Nowhere in our commitment do we mention “package selling.”  Nowhere do we discuss :60s, :30s or :10s.  The solution is prepared custom to the client’s needs, not as a result of the “package of the week.”

With that being said, it is crucial to note that all stations have great events, concerts and programs that need to be sold.  So, SELL them – but, customize the solution within the event to the need of the client and get the best results for the client…and, more importantly, a RENEWAL.

Paul Blake is making Greater Media great in his role as VP of Sales at Greater Media Philadelphia.