Making Real Friends

September 14, 2011

Why is it so important to have friends and followers like/love you without being given gifts in return?  True, accurate responses.  You give someone a free shirt, hat even a key chain, they’ll tell you how great you are.  But are they genuine?  Or did they just want the free stuff you have strewn across your table?  It’s tough to gauge how someone truly feels about your radio station when you’re bribing them with prizes.

Now, conduct a survey, and make people feel like they’re part of the station, like they have a say in decisions about the radio station, and you’ll get honest answers…from people who care.  I don’t think you can put a price tag (or shirt size) on the feeling of having a voice in a local radio station.   And to have them voluntarily post on your fan page, reacting to question or statement you made is great.  We sometimes get up to 45 responses with-in ten minutes on some jocks posts.

With no budget, you can still market effectively, especially with Facebook: Witty posts on your site, posts on listener’s pages, comical or sympathetic posts from a DJ onto a fans page, that connection you can’t buy.  Making that listener feel heard, feel like they are friends with the radio station…priceless.

I feel we’re always giving something.  It might not be that station t-shirt, the bottle-opener keychain, beach towel or can koozie but it’s the music that we play, the resources we provide and the time, effort and love we put in to make all that happen.

Doug Sjonvall is making Greater Media great in his role as Marketing Director for WRAT & Magic 100.1 in New Jersey.