Lessons I’ve Learned

September 7, 2011


The greatest things in life aren’t things, they are relationships

This is a motto I’ve chosen to live my 19 year sales career and life by.  Each day I learn something new from my valued clients and friends and I thought I’d share a few with each of you…..

Listen-  Don’t presume to know everything about your client or his/her business.  Listen to the best of your abilities anytime you are around your client and you are bound to hear a client need or idea that you wouldn’t have normally heard.

Love-  Don’t EVER go see a client without “love” in your heart.  I find when you have a genuine love of what you are doing- IT SHOWS!  Passion is power!  No one will buy from someone who doesn’t feel love/passion for their product or service.

Believe-  A key account client mentioned to me one day that he ONLY buys from those people who BELIEVE in what they are doing/selling.  Walk in with confidence, and believe in yourself, you’ll close deal after deal!!!!

Trust-  Develop a trusting relationship with your clients and they will be clients for life!  People want to work with those they trust.  Plain and simple.  Trust is EARNED, not given.  Follow through on everything, develop repoire and soon you will be on your way to a relationship of trust with your client.

Jennifer Luoto is making Greater Media great in role as an Account Manager at WRIF/WCSX in Detroit.