Air Staff Team Building 101

August 31, 2011

The Three Musketeers.  It’s a candy bar!  No, it’s a 17th century French Fable.  Well, you’re both wrong.  It’s an air talent team-building analogy.  Consider the rally cry, “One for all and all for one” – there is so much more to be gained when all on your staff works together in accomplishing station goals.  Here are seven random items to help motivate your air personalities/ programming team to work as one:. 

 Whether addressing individual DJs or the team in total, find ways to drop in references/ asides illustrating inter- connectedness of all staff/ dayparts/ departments.

  1. Every time you proofread one of your staff memos and see the word “I” …change it to “we.”
  2. Employ an ‘atta-boy’ bulletin board in common area.  Have staff post 3 X 5 cards with unsolicited praise and/or thanks for team members who help outside of their job description or who perform in exemplary fashion within it.
  3. Promulgate vision and philosophy, all the time, e.g. Care enough to do the small things right, every time; None of us is as smart as all of us;
  4. Praise your staff members in the hallway, within earshot and in full view of others.  And after you do that 3 times you can criticize them in your office, privately.
  5. Celebrate the unsung heroes on your staff.  Everyone relates to praising the part-timer who gave up an entire weekend vs. the f/time star who gets a lot of attention and talent fees.
  6. Off site staff gatherings are excellent team building opportunities but difficult to pull off.  Full staff meetings every 4-6 weeks (with pizza) where everyone gets a turn to speak their mind is time well-invested.

Bill Weston is making Greater Media great in his role as Program Director for WMMR in Philadelphia