January 31, 2011

94.7 WCSX is now taking applicants for Workforce Cash! No interview required! 94.7 WCSX is ready to put cash in listeners’ pockets to perform the easiest job in the Motor City.

From February 1st – June 30th, 94.7 WCSX on-air personalities will announce a Workforce Member’s name every hour, Monday-Friday, from 8am to 4pm (excluding holidays).  If your name is announced, call us back within 9 minutes and 47 seconds at 248-336-Work (9675) and we’ll put you on the Workforce payroll to “earn” $100 an hour!  If the next hour’s employee does not report to work on time, the current employee stays on the payroll and earns more cash.

But wait, it gets better….We are doubling your salary on Mondays to $200 per hour and at 7am each weekday, Ken Calvert will give out a keyword. If your name is called, you get double the time to call and win if you know the word!

The job qualifications are simple. Employees must be a member of the WCSX Workforce and listen to 94.7 WCSX every day for their chance to win. Log on to www.wcsx.com to apply now.

For more information, please contact Julie Law, WCSX Director of Marketing and Promotions at 248-586-2961 or .  Complete contest rules are available at www.wcsx.com.  Contestants will not actually become employees of the station.  Contest is being conducted for promotional purposes only.